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2020-09-21 Club Meeting

Hi all! Great meeting last nite!

I wasn’t really looking forward to it as we had just wrapped up EISP the preceeding 3 nights and I was TIRED!… but I’m glad we held it!

So… we talked about EISP quite a bit, and touched on the upcoming APP seminar, Elections, the November Annual Dinner Meeting, and the Observatory Relocation Project….

For EISP, we talked about the weather and seeing conditions, how well the social distancing was handled and other related logistics. We then did a round tabke and each attendee gave their take on the event… what troubles they experienced, what they got accomplished and/or learned… I had taken pics of all the scopes set up so we did a round table on what the gear was, and how it worked… lots of great discussion as there was quite a variety of gear!

We talked about the upcoming APP seminar a bit… If you’ve been wanting help with processing images… or just want to understand more about imaging, this seminar is for you. Waiting for someone to help you with processing, this is for you… Hate having to deal with light pollution? Learn how to use this app to zap it… Watch for Paul’s email describing the seminar and reply to him to attend. Wanna do better at AP, stop sulking… Sign up!

Election time is in November… all offices are open and looking for nominees… if you want to see the club take a different direction, or want improvement… its up to you to do something about it. Put in your name for an office… or at least nominate members that will get things the way you want them! Its up to you! Watch for Jims email asking for nominations. Nominations are confidential and do not commit the nominee to office… Jim will ask the nominee if they accept to be on the ballot… and your name won’t be disclosed as the one making the nomination… and its a compliment to be nominated!!! So… want change? Hit the reply button when you get Jims email!

The November Annual Dinner Meeting has been a fun, family oriented get together giving a recap of the year over a great meal… and of course elections were held. This year we won’t be doing this type of event… BUT… another idea was suggested last night… WEATHER PENDING… having an outing at Menke… bring gear for doing astronomy… have some pizza… maybe a guest speaker can be Skyped in… have Cecils 30″ dob carted in… and if the weather is poor, nix that and do a virtual event… Since this was a new idea, (thanx Paul!) we will discuss it at the next Board meeting… email me with your thoughts!

Lastly, the Observatory Relocation Project… Jim, Robert, and I are beginning to fill out paperwork, due at the end of this month, looking for grant money… you are welcome to participate to any extent that you’d like…. keep in mind, for the most part, equipment, structure, and layout is finalized and is only slightly flexible… we are in the money collecting stage… again, if you have ideas, participate or forever hold your piece! Let Jim, Robert and/or me know if you want an invite to the next meeting on the project!

Again, great meeting, another great EISP, a great year… and remember, if ya want to see more of one thing or less than another, its up to you to make that known!

In closing, don’t forget… if ya wanna go out to do astronomy, don’t wait to get invited, blast out an email… or have someone do so! The number of outings we have is solely up to the number of times you want to go out!

PS… welcome new club member… or should I say returning club member Howard Cox!!!

Clear Skies,

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