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2020 – 07 – 27 SURVEY REQUEST

Hi all,

I need your input ASAP.

As you know, at our last QCAS club meeting we had a great demonstration of the astro imaging software package called Astro Pixel Processor. We now have the opportunity to set up either a 2 session or 4 session seminar, 2 hours long each, to learn the software and if you participate in the 4 two hour sessions, receive 25% off of the purchase price of the software. 

Since there are already 8 of us interested, I need your help in seeing how many others want to attend and what logistics work best for the largest group of folks.

We hope to have a pre-seminar meeting to go over any imaging basics to cover any types of questions or holes in knowledge you may need filled before taking the seminar… but… the software seems so simple that not previous knowledge will really be required.

Here’s a link to the recording of the club meeting where the app was presented:


Here is a link sent by Mabula Haverkamp reviewing the App:


The cost of the online seminar may be up to $15 per hour per session.The software, if you choose to purchase it, is about $150. If you attend the full 8 hr seminar, you’ll receive 25% off of the purchase price ofthe software. (I am finding out if you already purchased the software, you’ll receive 25% off of the 8 hr seminar…) the prices are estimated on the high side and are based on the Euro exchange rate.

Questions for seminar, you can select more than one answer for each question:

Please answer back before Monday, July 27th!

Which are you interested in: 

– Two 2 hour sessions
– Four 2 hour sessions
– Not interested

If you said not interested, which of the following is the reason:

– Not interested in astrophotography
– Already have, know about APP
– Already own processing software
– Not interested in processing my pics
– Don’t know enough about imaging to take a seminar
– The seminar and/or software will be too expensive 

If you indicated that you were not interested, your survey is finished, otherwise,  please answer the following:

What evening of the week would work best for your attending:

– Monday
– Tuesday
– Wednesday
– Thursday
– Friday
– Saturday
– Sunday

What month works best to begin the seminar

– August
– September
– October 


Clear Skies!
Jeff Struve​​

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