Jul 21

2020-07-20 Meeting Review

Hi all!

A special thanks to Mabula for the great presentation last night, and rhanx to Paul for making the initial contact There!

Many of the 24 in attendance joined before the 7 PM event, and we adjourned at shortly after 9 PM…

There will be additional email and notices put on Facebook and our website giving the link to the recording of the meeting for those that could not attend and wanted to. For those that didn’t attend as they were uninterested in astro photography, you can view at your leisure for the opportunity to add another segment of knowledge to your knowledge base.

As mentioned before, I will be sending out a note with some information. The information will basically be a survey to see your interests in attending an online seminar to learn the use of Astro Pixel Processor.

There will be a fee for the seminar, but it is accompanied by a 25% discount on the software if you choose to purchase. I will have cost and additional information in the email. The email will be time sensitive, so make sure you reply back so that we can schedule this to accommodate the greater number of participants. Again, this will be open to PAC and CAA as well…

Doing a quick poll last night, there were 8 interested attending and leaning towards four 2 hour sessions… more on this later too…

Thanks again, and talk to you all soon!

Be safe!

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