Jul 21

2018- 09-18 thru 20 Eastern Iowa Star Party

Hi All!

I know its been a while since I’ve posted an update… but the pandemic is kinda making things uncertain.

At this time, we are still a Go for this September event… but with some modifications.

Due to the facility size, we will be cutting attendance from 50 down to 24.

Also, since we will be restricting the number of folks inside the structure, it doesn’t make sense to have guest speakers or presentations… it would be too bright outside to do any type of screen projection… maybe we can do some round table talks outside?

Next, because of the smaller size of the event and how difficult the economy has been on businesses, we haven’t asked for donations, so no door prizes.

Again for safety reasons, we wont be doing the midnight chili and stew… I think we will still have single serving wrapped munchies, bottled water and pop though…

I’m not sure if we will charge a registration fee or a fee for electricity or not, but we will probably just go by donation.

We think that we will limit the number of folks inside the structures to 2 persons… maybe 3 or 4… but with masks… Outdoors, we ask that masks be worn if you approach someone, and that you dont share looking through each other’s eyepieces… of course looking at someone’s monitor is fine… make sure you agree as to if masks are warranted when doing this.

Because of the limited number of folks we can allow, registration will be offered to previous attendees before opened to other amateur astronomers.

I hope to have everything finalized in a few weeks

Let me know if you want tk be one of the lucky 24!

Thanx and Clear Skies!

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