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2020-07-20 Tonite’s Meeting!

Hi all!

Here is the link for tonites 7:00 PM club meeting… log in a bit early, and please make sure that you keep your microphone muted when you are not speaking!!!


Tonites presentation will be given by software designer Mabula Haverkamp on his image processing software, Astro Pixel Processor 

A short bio can be found here:

About Mabula

A bit more information on Mabula’s background:

He studied astrophysics at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands and graduated (drs. M.Sc.) in 2004 in the field of Solar Physics.

His graduation project led to this article:

DOT tomography of the solar atmosphere. IV. Magnetic patches in internetwork areas


After his studies he worked for several years in the finance industry before changing his career path to become an IT consultant in network/internet technology specialized in security, working for large companies with networks around the globe.

In 2011, his social and professional life stopped quite abruptly due to a chronic disease of unknown origin (Sarcoidosis). The disease made him fully disabled for work and he was severely ill until 2017 after which the disease, luckily, slowly stopped and he regained his health.

While being ill, he started work on Astro Pixel Processor with the purpose to not lose his skills and to make small steps towards rehabilitation for work. His work on Astro Pixel Processor, after 2 years since starting with the project, enabled him to start his own company, Aries Productions, in June 2017 and he had been working full-time on Astro Pixel Processor since then ?

These days, Astro Pixel Processor or simply APP, is being used by 1000s of astrophotographers worldwide from absolute beginners to professional astronomers. It is being used in astronomy classes at the university and high schools, because of both ease of use and very accurate data processing.

And his company is now an official partner of iTelescope.net



Together with iTelescope.net, he is working on further improvements in APP for fully automatic processing for remote telescopes and off course are working to further improve both the current functionality as well as add new processing tools while maintaining ease of use, which is the main focus in development.

He has always wanted to make Astrophotography easier, so more people can enjoy it ? and keep enjoying it while using APP !

Clear Skies!

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