May 25

May Virtual Meeting


I finally got the opportunity to watch the video of the last club meeting… incredible!

I’m thinking that this was the best meeting we’ve ever had… great presentations, great sharing, lots of information passed back and forth… demos…

It looks like there were 15 in attendance… and unfortunately I was not one of the 15… I’m embarrassed to say that the reason I couldn’t attend is because I cut my fibre cable while mowing the lawn,  and they didn’t get this repaired until too late… ARG!!!


It would be cool to do them even when we can get back together… make them available and live for folks to join in when they can’t physically be there.

It would also be cool if we could take a queue from Matt, Paul, and John, and even if ya dont set up your gear to log into their sessions… Im sure that they would not only be educational and interesting, but entertaining to say the least!

We were already thinking of doing this for our public events…. broadcasting them so the public can log in to participate… maybe as view only, but that opens a lot of doors for us.

As mentioned, we’ll get an approved set of guidelines for visiting and using the observatories, so keep watch! In the mean time, if ya want to go out… blast out an email to everyone, and I’ll make the latest, greatest set of guidelines available.

A special thanx to Robert for running the meeting and to him and John and Matt and Paul and Alan for their great presentations!

Clear Skies and hope to see ya soon!

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