Dec 21

2019-12-21 At Menke

Fun night at Menke tonite…

Put together my dome with Mike O and family friend Matt P this afternoon…

Mike and I headed out to Dixon where we grabbed a burger at the Legion… then met Ken B at Menke…

Mike and Ken did AP, as was my intent as well, but as I car pooled with Mike, I left the power cable for my CCD in my van… kind of a bummer!

Oh well… I had a great time doing a bit of visual astronomy… I made a list of the following objects I viewed:

The Planet Venus

M2 Cluster 

M15 Pegasus Cluster

M37 Salt & Pepper Cluster 

M56 Cluster

M72 Cluster

The Planet Uranus

I tried but couldn’t be sure of seeing the Asteroid Vesta

C30 The Deer Lick Galaxy

M36 Pinwheel Cluster 

M81 Bodes Nebulae

M82 Cigar Cluster

NGC2244 Harp Cluster

Way cool NGC2169 The 37 Cluster

And for Star Wars, NGC936 Darth Vaders Starfighter Galaxy

And who can resist M42 Orion Nebulae…

Kinda fun how there are some new names for a few objects… and I’d never seen the 37 before… that’ll have to be another Owl Cluster type favorite at public events…

I had to take a cell phone snap of the trapezium and the 37 of course! Cool objects!

Clear Skies!

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