Nov 3

2019 – 11 – 11 Mercury Transit

Hi all!

As you know, November 11th is the Mercury Transit. A few of us had planned to go out to Menke Observatory for the event, but plans have changed… Dr. Mitchell has asked that we relocate the event to the Rogalski Center at St. Ambrose University.

Unfortunately, the sky is blocked a bit so rather than being able to see the event in progress at sunrise…¬†about 6:44 AM… we will probably loose an hour or so… this may not be as terrible as it sounds was the 5 hour event will already be in progress before sunrise anyway.

We have permission to arrive around 7:00 AM for set up and can Park our vehicles very close to our gear… in the faculty parking lot… as long as we don’t block the driveway…

You need to let me know if you will be attending so that parking passes can be made up for us.

There seems to be 1 electrical circuit… a dual outlet… but we’ll need to run a couple long cables for power… or bring a battery supply…

Let me know ASAP!

Clear Skies!

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