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2019-09-27 EISP EMAIL


Hi all!

The star party is less than a week off… it starts this Friday! Exciting!

Basic info:

Normal star party courtesy stuff like we prefer no pets on the observation field or in the facility buildings… no illegal stuff… alcohol, if any, under control… prefer no green laser use in respect to our imagers… no white lights, and even during our white light period they should be kept to a minimum…

Other stuff:

Generally folks start arriving around 1pm on Friday… we direct them to their spot… they set up and we all chit chat until that evening. We generally have an announced 30 minute white light time around 11:30 PM for folks that dont do astronomy later than that and want to leave… we’ll have midnight chili….

Saturday morning folks generally sleep in or arrive from leaving the previous night… some folks go into Dixon and have breakfast and/or lunch at the Legion… at 1 pm we’ll meet at the Assembly hall about a block away from the observatory… we’ll do some door prize drawings… then have a guest speaker… do some more door prizes… another speaker… more door prizes. If we have a third speaker it will happen next, and then the raffle… then we head back to our gear and to dinner… again we have a white light time around 11:30… Check out is around 1 pm Sunday… although we may be persuaded to go Sunday night too!

A few things to note…

It would be appropriate, but not mandatory to bring a laptop and a flash drive to the Assembly room on Saturday, as for my presentation, I’ll have free software and data for you to use as part of the presentation.If you are having electricity to your spot, it would be appreciated if you could bring a 25′ or 50′ or 100′ power cable.

Google Map to Menke Observatory:

Map for Assembly Room – The attached pic shows you, by yellow hand drawn arrow, where the Assembly Room is… I’m guessing a block or 2 walk from the observatory

Please do a reply to all if you have questions… others may have them too!

Clear Skies!

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