Sep 16

2019-09-16 Society Meeting

Hi all!

Just a reminder that we have a club meeting at 7:00 PM tonite in McCarthy Hall at St Ambrose University… that is at the corner of Gaines and Lombard in Davenport… doors open at 6:30, and we’ll probably meet in either room 103 or 105 as usual… I’ll have a sign on the room.

This month, the main presentations will be given by Dino Milani and Ian Spangenberg.

Dino will demonstrate and talk about¬†Foucault’s Pendulum…

Ian will talk about Ganymede…

We’ll chat about the 2019 Eastern Iowa Star Party… Elections… the November Dinner Meeting…

If there is time, and I have it ready, we’ll also have a presentation on The Realization of Star Trek Technologies…

Observatory Relocation Committees will give a run down as to progress made…

We generally meet at Village Inn after the meeting to continue the excellent camradre!

Hope to see you there!

Clear Skies!

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