Sep 16

2019-09-16 Society Meeting

Hi all!

Just a reminder that we have a club meeting at 7:00 PM tonite in McCarthy Hall at St Ambrose University… that is at the corner of Gaines and Lombard in Davenport… doors open at 6:30, and we’ll probably meet in either room 103 or 105 as usual… I’ll have a sign on the room.

This month, the main presentations will be given by Dino Milani and Ian Spangenberg.

Dino will demonstrate and talk about Foucault’s Pendulum…

Ian will talk about Ganymede…

We’ll chat about the 2019 Eastern Iowa Star Party… Elections… the November Dinner Meeting…

If there is time, and I have it ready, we’ll also have a presentation on The Realization of Star Trek Technologies…

Observatory Relocation Committees will give a run down as to progress made…

We generally meet at Village Inn after the meeting to continue the excellent camradre!

Hope to see you there!

Clear Skies!

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