Sep 8

2019-09-07 at Jens-Wendt Observatory

Fun time at the Jens-Wendt open last night… even though it rained…

We got there about 6:45 Steve S first, then me, then Sam S, then Rolando G…

Steve and I checked out the Meade tripod and will be doing a bit of swapping and fixing parts. We didn’t have all of the tools there, so Steve took it home to do the work.

Then the 4 of us went into the roll off roof building and admired all the great work Steve VH and his crew did cleaning and especially fixing up the 20″ Newt. There is a great box covering the drive system that SVH built… and the area around the pier was covered and carpeted very nicely… the overstuffed chairs and deteriorated cabinets are gone… quite nice! I would’ve taken a few pics, but as I left my cell phone in the van, I didnt want to battle the rain to get it… fear of melting and all… 😉

We hung out talking about gear we had purchased or are considering purchasing… its Rolandos turn… and we locked up about 9 PM.

So final tally:

QCAS Members – 4
Guests – 0
Mice – 1
Snakes – 0

Clear Skies!

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