Jul 12

2019-07-12 Menke

Tonight, Sam, Cecil and I are heading out to Menke Observatory to attach a smallish refractor to the top of the 14″ Edge SCT in the dome. The goal is to hook up an EAA camera to the refractor so that while folks in the dome can view thru the SCT with an eyepiece, those in the class room can see the object in near real time, while sitting in the classroom watching the monitor.

Sam and I are meeting at the Village Inn in downtown Bettendorf, by the 74 bridge at 5:45 PM, then having burgers at the Dixon Legion at 6:30ish. We will probably not stay at Menke past 2am.

Craig is heading out a bit later as is Terry and his sister… Rusty will be joining in the festivities too, setting up some observation tents and I think doing some EAA…

Please reply to the email if you want to join in and hang out, or want to bring gear to do your own thing….

Clear Skies!

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