Jul 11

Next few days….

Some activities that you (Astronomy Club Members) may be interested in!

Monday, July 15th – Monthly Society meeting at St. Ambrose University, McCarthy Hall… 7:00 PM… we will have a view of some new automation software, and take a peek at the raffle item for the 2019 EISP.

Friday, July 12th (tomorrow) – Menke Observatory… Sam and I will be temporarily mounting an EAA system to the dome’s 14″ SCT to see if we can broadcast a view to the classrooms television while the main s open is being used with an eyepiece… feel free to come along, or bring gear and do your own thing!

Thursday, July 11th (tonite) – Cedar Amateur Astronomers club meeting. If you want to car pool, I have room for up to 5 passengers in my van. I will be leaving the Village Inn on Elmore at about 5:30 PM.

Let me know if you are interested!

Also… if you go out to one of the observatories in Dixon, please blast out an email to the 2019 QCAS group or post it on our web site or on the QCAS Facebook page inviting other MEMBERS to join in the fun!

Clear Skies!

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