Jul 4

1989 Starfire

Well… I did find an OEM PAS for the AP 600 mount and got that installed… really happy with the mount as it is now complete and all original…

I ordered 6.5″ Parallax rings and a 19″ Losmandy dovetail for the152mm F9 Starfire from Woodland Hills Camera and Telescope about a month ago…

They were both shipped out to me last week… and last night I got the rings… but no dovetail! I guess that should be here on Friday… but even though it rained yesterday and might be raining tonite, I wish it was here so that I could get them installed right so I could see if I need a pier extension for my 10 Micron mount… I am hoping not… it was bad enough that the rings and dovetail cost nearly $300… needing the extension is another $500 and probably another month wait.

The goal is to retire my AP 600E mount and just use the 10 Micron… it’ll be a great rig for visual, AP, and EAA… I am still looking for a 2″ adapter so I can use a 2″ diagonal.

I’m also still looking for an OEM guide scope, 2″ focus tube and diagonal… it seems that the finder scope that I have may be OEM after all. I’m still researching that.

I do need to re-foam the case as the old foam is brittle and not pliable enough to hold up to the new set of rings and dovetail…

Clear Skies!

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