Jun 7

Menke Roll Off Roof

Hi all!

A little while ago Robert M, Mike D, and I finished playing with trying to get the roof to roll off… if ya’ll didn’t know, the last time it was opened was for EISP… then a month or two ago we found that it was stuck…

Not sure what is going on with it, but as I suspected, lifting the roof just a little with a jack and 2X4 on the SE side did make it work….

When you close the roof, if it bangs against the South wall, it gets stuck but when you are about 6″ from closed, and you go very slowly, it seems to go all the way shut and will open again just fine.

We think that maybe due to the severe cold last winter that something settled or became out of square… Robert will have SAU Facilities take a look at it, but at least we can open it for use again… and not a day too early as there is a public open here at Menke tomorrow nite!

Any who… Robert and Mike left about 5:45 pm… and I’m hanging out here at Menke waiting for Rolando G and Sam S to show up for a bit of visual astronomy…

See ya!

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