Jun 4

In The Sky This Month

nightskyjuneGrab your scopes because big “J” will reach opposition on the 10th of this month at 10:17 CDT.  Find Jupiter in the constellation Ophiuchus during the month of June making its nearest approach to Earth for ideal observing.  Our largest neighbor planet offers a great show with colorful bands, orbiting moons and its great red spot.

While you are  gazing at Jupiter take a few minutes to enjoy the six globular clusters that reside in the constellation Ophiuchus.  They are:  M-9, M-10, M-12, M-14, M-19, and M-107.   Other June globular clusters worth mentioning are:  M-3, M-5, M-13, M-22 (late), and M-92.    

June also offers some very nice spiral galaxies like M-51 and M-101.  More challenging galaxies include: M-64 (Black Eye),M-81, M-82, M-83, M-87, M-94, and M-104 (Sombrero).

This is just a short list of the brighter celestial objects in the June sky.  June has a lot more unmentioned objects to offer the observer.  It is the opening to the best observing time of the year with the rising of our object packed spiral arm.  The best viewing time of the year has arrived!  Get those scopes out and enjoy them.

Clear skies everyone.


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