May 11

May 11 2019 Astronomy Day

Hi all,

As you’ve likely surmised, today’s outdoor activities in Bettendorf and tonight’s activities in Dixon have been cancelled.

Due to weather, we went from afternoon activities at Bettendorf High and evening activities at Jens-Wendt Observatory to BHS in the afternoon and evening activities at Menke Observatory, to only activities at BHS, to a few scopes set up inside the school while planetarium showing would be held on the hour between 1pm and 5pm.

I’m am now not sure about the practicality of setting up a few scopes inside as there are other activities indoors at the school which may make the displays only marginally effective.

So, unless someone wants to set up indoors at BHS, and lets me know by 8:30AM, we’ll just have to hope Mother Nature is more kind next year!

In any case, Happy Astronomy Day and always,

Clear Skies,

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