May 6

Astronony Day – May 11th!

Hi all!

Just a reminder that Saturday is the first of our 2 advertised annual public events… Astronomy Day!

We will set up at Bettendorf High School at noon and will be open for the public from 1pm – 5pm

If you have an Ha scope or white light filter for your scope, please bring it for set up outside. If you dont, you can bring a scope anyway, for set up inside on display… other displays like pics, posters, and misc are also welcome! 

If you dont have anything that you want to bring, come anyway! The better show we make, the better!

As the last few years, the planetarium will be open and giving programs on the hour… 

After the school.event, we will have open house in Dixon… bring scopes or just be there to support those that bring gear…

Since we are expecting rain this week, the road to Jens Wendt will probably be mushy in places and continue to be wash board in other areas… so unless we get 0 rain, we will probably be at Menke… I’ll keep everyone posted! 

Let me know of your intent!

Outside events are pending weather of course!

Clear Skies!

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