Apr 21

2019 April 29th club outing at Menke

Fun night last night… even tho we had the intrusive visit of the ‘evil orb’!

When Paul and I arrived, Byron was there and had already set up his 8″ Edge for EAA and Robert and Mike were checking out the stuck roof on the roll off roof building.

Shortly there after, Jim joined us in checking out the structure as well… and then Paul and Byron joined in too… we all came to the conclusion that it was indeed stuck… 😉 Mike and I will be heading out there in the very near future with a sizzors jack and post to see if we an release any binding…

Byron then went over to give Mike a hand in setting up his new SkyWatcher EQ6r with the 11″ SCT… Jim and I set up my 152mm f9 Starfire and its AP600 mount… and Robert went in the dome to begin configuring his new computer to work with the 14″ Edge… Paul was rotating from station to station to take in all of the happenings.

As it was getting dark, Paul hung out with Byron checking out all of the cool EAA going on… Mike continued to do some trouble shooting of his rig… I went into the dome to help Robert in configuring the computer, and Jim finished setting up my rig and proceeded to do a bit of viewing… We were later joined by club friend Wes who joined in viewing all the hapenings…

We all ended the night by checking out views on the EAA rig, Starfire rig and when only Paul, Wes, and I were left, and all gear packed up, we checked out a handful of objects using the 14″ Edge…

We locked up the doors and headed home around midnite… ready to do it all again!

Membership has its benefits!

Clear Skies!

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